Here are some of our more recent projects... 


White Picket with back Privacy Fence

This yard needed some added privacy and a touch of beauty to really finish the remodel. Our White Picket Fence created a beautiful touch; a classic look that will never chip from rocks or hail like Vinyl. New Cedar Pickets must be primed & painted properly; fresh cedar often requires 3 coats. 


Double Deck Hot Tub in lakewood

This Deck adds multiple new living spaces to this beautiful home. Step out to enjoy the new hot tub, a dining area, and a separate sitting area with a gas-fire. Added privacy lattice around the hot tub, and an upper deck entirely for the Master Bedroom. This beautiful Cedar deck has hidden Cammo Screws, creating a wonderful hard-wood feel underfoot. Build time for this project was approximately 14 days. 


Premium Cedar Horizontal Fence

This beautiful modern home needed a Fence that would match the beauty that the owners had created throughout the home & property. We used the highest grade sanded Cedar boards with this fence to give it a more polished feel. Cap boards are primed and painted to match trim on house. 


Redwood 2-Level Deck

The prior Deck at this rental property was rotted out; we replaced it with a beautiful new Redwood Deck. As requested, we used a very sturdy all-wood design including 2x4 railing pickets. Very strong, beautiful deck.